School & Nursery Visits

Invite Tickled Skink to visit your school or nursery with its enchanting mix of habitat themed musical magic and its utterly fascinating range of exotic animals! Please contact us for a quote.

Special discounted rates apply to nurseries we visit weekly and schools who book a set of 10!

Nursery/Pre-school/Foundation Stage sessions:

Focussing on: the requirements of the EYFS with particular reference to “Knowledge and Understanding of the world” but also incorporating literacy, numeracy, social, personal and emotional and physical.


  • Imaginary journeys to real world habitats
  • Identifying and naming animals and plants
  • Stories and open ended questions
  • Rhythm and rhyme
  • Counting Songs and numeral recognition
  • Matching activities and shapes
  • Colour recognition
  • Turn taking, social skills, lots of praise
  • Live animal care: gentle handling/ learning about its needs
  • Fine and gross movement through action songs and dances.

One off sessions: 40 mins habitat themed music and movement plus one live animal – total length of session one hour.
Regular sessions: Half hour habitat themed music and movement weekly in each room of the nursery, with an exotic animal visiting once a month.
If you are thinking of regular sessions, please contact us for your FREE taster session.

Key Stage One

Focussing on: statutory requirements for National curriculum Science at Key Stage one, but also incorporating age appropriate Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, Social skills, Motor skills, Drama and Music.


  • Identifying animals and plants
  • Classifying animals and comparing
  • Animals’ needs for survival
  • Off-spring and growth
  • Observing different habitats
  • The importance of nutrition in humans
  • Basic plant structures and conditions for growth
  • Observing changes across the four seasons
  • Weather conditions in a variety of habitats
  • Live animal care: gentle handling/ learning about its needs

One off session: 40 minutes habitat themed music and movement plus two live animals – total length of session one hour.
Or book a set of 10 sessions, covering a range of habitats, at a discounted price:
(Rainforest, Amazon Jungle, Desert, African Safari, British Countryside 1, British Countryside 2, Garden (mini-beasts), Caves, Ocean and Dinosaurs)

Key Stages Two, Three and Four

An hour of animal handling and the chance to get up-close and personal with a host of exotic animals, including reptiles, mammal and invertebrates. Focussing on the National Curriculum Science agenda, students will have the opportunity to investigate different species first hand and to learn about them in depth.

  • Where they come from
  • Which family they belong to
  • Key characteristics of their classification
  • What they eat and how they grow
  • Survival needs and the conditions of their habitat
  • Key behaviours
  • Caring for them as a pet

Animals you will meet include:
Royal Python, Sinaloan Milk snake, Leopard Gecko, Whites Tree Frogs, Giant African Snails, Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Chilean Rose Tarantula and African Pygmy Hedgehog