The Animals


This is “Bandit” the Sinaloan milk snake. These snakes come from Mexico and can often be found hiding in barns.
Aragog Aragog
This is “Aragog” the Chilean Rose Tarantula. Her shed skin looks exactly like her, complete with fangs! The children will only be able to look at her, not hold her, but she is fascinating up close.
Prince Prince
This is “Prince” the Royal Python. It is called a Royal Python because it is said that Queen Cleopatra wore these snakes around her wrist as bracelets. This snake is sometimes also called a “Ball Python”.
Af-Mt-Snail We have five Giant African Mountain snails. They are the biggest snails you are ever likely to see and still growing!
Eddie Eddie
This is “Eddie” the Leopard Gecko. He is very old and sits ever so still on your knee. He is spotty and loves to lick trousers
Tango We no longer have corn snakes as our collection of snakes was getting a bit too large…but here is Nathaniel holding “Tango” just to prove to you that children have no fear when it comes to exotic animal handling and actually find it fun!
 Sid Sid
This is “Sid” our Madagascan hissing cockroach. Sid has grown a lot since this picture was taken! We have called him Sid as, when frightened, he likes to pretend he’s a snake, by moving his bottom like a snake’s head and hissing!
Freda Freda
This is Freda, one of our two Whites Tree Frogs. These frogs come from North East Australia, New Guinea and some parts of Indonesia. Our other Whites Tree Frog is called Freddo!